Breeders and Advocates of Sugar Gliders, and the people that gliders own!

Our Adoption Policies, Procedures and Agreement. They bear repeating! Please read in entirety BEFORE contacting us.           


We have been placing babies for many, many years. And we have learned that screening potential parents is one of the most important steps, as we begin our screening and education.


Failure to follow the first couple steps, may result in disqualification of adoption of our babies. We want serious caring parents only. 


9:00 AM TIL 7:00 PM


Gliders are way to intense  and texting is simply to impersonal!... unless one cares only about the money!


You will be instructed to read this site first. This contains needed I formation for you to prepare for the best consultation  class possible and make beat use of that time. Remember, this is our 25 year experience tou are getting. This is not available anywhere in the US!


You will be instructed about our consultation fees, as well as how  to place it. Then your instructed to call us by closing the day before,  to verify your appointment.  If you dont verify your appointment by 7;00 PM, your time slot is filled. That simple.

 We love our gliders, people as well as educating people who care enough to follow directions.  If unable to follow rheaw simple directions, or an excuse is given, we dont go any farther. We know the diffeean e between an excuse and a reason, and neither are acceptable to nor feed your children.

 Nope, we dont fool around with this process. Qhen we say we want the best...we prove it!

If you remember to confirm tour appointment,  your told you may bring all questions you have, to tour appointment. We will answer everyone of them. As well as ones you didnt even know to ask! ��




Our Suggies come first Always, Our New Parents second!   ....(then comes us)!


We reserve the right to stop adoption process or our classes at any time we deem proper.                              


   We won’t sell a single glider that is to be paired with another glider that was purchased from other source. 

Due to inbreeding from sloppy  so called 'breeders", these gliders do not live as long as a well bred glider.

So we do not want you in that same situation again. Only this time with OUR glider being the lone glider!

As with each glider, Each situation is diffeeent also! We will help you to rha best of our ability, to do what is best for these little ones.

In order to allow our gliders to go to another home, we MUST believe it is the best forever home possible. We do everything possible to insure the very best for our gliders.

   When both gliders are adopted from Glider Invasion, we will do the introductions for you!

With o er 25 years of experience and knowledge, we must do what we feel is best for the gliders, whether others agree with us or not.


   We won't sell sugar gliders to anyone living in an illegal area, no exceptions. We won’t take any chance on our babies being put to sleep simply because they were taken into an illegal state or county. Please, talk to your local officials and find out if gliders are legal in your area before you contact me about buying one of our babies! Any reputable breeder who cares about their gliders would never take a chance on harm coming to their babies.

         A few important points of our Agreement Contract  (Which we DO enforce) 

   If the potential adopting parent/s misrepresents themselves in any way before or during the adoption process, we reserve the right to cancel adoption and will not refund any deposit/fees.

   No glider is adopted out without signing and abiding to our binding agreement contract. Gliders will not be held for any one until a deposit is placed.It's simply not fair to the gliders to have better homes being passed up while one is making up their mind.


   Deposits, fees and payments can and be sure you agree with our contract) be made by  Cash, Pay Pal (which accepts credit cards), or Postal Money Order. Balance must be paid in full by cash only, at time of pick up. 

All deposits/fees/payments are non-refundable. Be sure gliders are the proper pets for you and your family and they will be welcomed into your entire family, that they are legal in your area, before you place a deposit, or sign the contract! *Remember this is a 12 to 15 year commitment.


  All sugar gliders must be picked up when notified (unless prior arrangements have been made). Under no circumstances will we hold them longer than 10 days. This is not fair to the gliders, nor to us. If they are not picked up within 10 days after notification, we will charge a fee of $20.00 a day, per glider and they are subject to go back up for adoption immediately. We reserve the right to keep the deposits, any or all fees paid, and list the glider/s again, for adoption if this requirement is not met.

    All of our Sugar Gliders come with a 72 hour health guarantee. But if any problems arise, owner agrees to notify breeder immediately, then vet if necessary. 

Gliders must be taken into the vet for a health check within 72 hours of receiving them or immediately if the glider is showing any signs of illness. All fees, tests, and vet bills are the responsibility of the new owner unless its proven that the glider was delivered in unhealthy condition. If these requirements are not met, we have no farther obligations.

   Should your glider become ill within 72 hours due illness directly related to our establishment, and the glider has not been exposed during that period to any other gliders or animals, we will pay the vet bills directly related to the medical condition.  A medical exam will be required by a qualified glider knowledgeable vet to prove illness is the responsibility of the breeding facility.

    Should your glider pass away within the 72 hour time period due conditions that are directly related to our establishment, plus the glider has not been exposed during that period to any other gliders or animals, you have the right to receive a refund or your choice of another glider of equal value.  A necropsy would need to be done by a 'qualified ' lab to prove cause of death was related to our establishment. We will only be responsible for the cost of the necropsy if it proves that cause of death is related to our facility.  If necropsy shows that death was caused in any way by the new owner, the new owner will be responsible for any and all medical fees and in subject to surrender of second glider or responsibility of another purchase of another cage mate. This is the breeder's decision based upon circumstances and findings.


Trauma, stress related illnesses and bacterial infections related to stress, are NOT covered.  Should symptoms arise, new owner is responsible to get the glider to the vet immediately.  All vet bills incurred for stress related illnesses will be the responsibility of the new owner.

 But a call to the breeder for help and advice, is also an added benefit for you the owner.

This guarantee does not cover accidents, neglect or mistreatment of any kind.


We reserve the right to cancel an adoption, for any reason we deem proper, at any time before the glider leaves our facility. If lied to during or throughout any part of adoption process, adoption will be cancelled and deposit/fees/payments are forfeited.


  We will always put the consideration of our gliders first, in every circumstance. We are serious breeders and do not take any life for granite.


  We have "Top Quality Gliders" and we strive for Top Quality parents with the most loving, long term homes.

With our help and training, and some common sense, this home could be your home, with this very loving and affectionate additions!  

We are here to help them, and you as their new parents, as well.

 We do all we can to help make this adoption the easiest and most enjoyable experience for our new glider parent/s.


   Here at Glider Invasion, we truly believe, if the parents are happy, they will make our suggies happy. And, THIS, is the reason we love to breed! 

  We strive to bring your home and family, as much pleasure and happiness as  these little love butts have brought to our home and hearts!  

  Taking home tour gliders 


  ** Please pick up glider/s when notified.**   Unless prearranged, (such as you will be on or going on vacation at ready date), there will be an additional charge of 10.00 per day for each day glider remains here, after the initial agreed home date. **


After 10 days, the joeys will be adopted out to next parents waiting for joeys. We will NOT hold joeys unless prearranged!   *Remember, they are babies and need to bond.

This is what is best for joeys AND waiting parents! We are a breeder, Glider sitting is for grandma.


 All deposits/fees are Non-Refundable (no exceptions).   Deposits are just that - A Deposit! This is best for our gliders and all involved.





                                                                                                                          OUR Agreement CONTRACT:  By accepting glider/s from Invasion, you accept this agreement in full and are bound to it entirely. 

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Glider Adoption Non-Breeding Contract

To be filled in by Glider Invasion:

1st  glider -     OOP date #1 ____  Parents #1_______  Gender_____ Color_____ Registration#_______
2nd glider -     OOP date #2 ____  Parents #2_______  Gender_____ Color_____ Registration#_______


To be signed by purchaser at end of adoption procedure. (Final step when picking up your pets)

 “I” ,is hereafter referred to as the Adopter. I hereby agree that the above-described animals are being adopted by me, solely as a pet for myself and/or my immediate family. I agree to pay the asking deposit, adoption fee/purchase price, and understand that no part is refundable. I agree, I will not sell, giveaway, or otherwise dispose of said animal to any person(s), classifieds, Craigslist, dealer, retailer, auction, institute or any other entity or will I abandon said animal for any reason. Glider Invasion MUST be notified prior to any attempts to re-home said pet/s. I agree before removing gliders from breeders facility, I have read and I am agreeing to every term here completely.

 To do so is a clear breech of contract for which I will be held liable and subject to following fines of $500.00 for each breech, $250.00 for each offspring and all attorney fees, court costs, including any and all punitive damages.

[_X_]- Due to the alleged ‘toxic cage/wire” problems, (and lack of knowledge of gliders true needs) Glider Invasion will only sell gliders with our time tested, tried and approved glider cages. This is for the protection of our gliders, the new pet owners, as well as the protection of Glider Invasions interest.
 If another cage is used NOT purchased from Glider Invasion, All guarantees are forfeited
These animals are placed as: NON BREEDING and pedigrees are maintained by Glider Invasion. Gliders will not be held longer than 10 days after you are notified! They will be put back up for adoption. I understand I am placing a non refundable deposit. Gliders must be picked up when notified. Otherwise, there will be an additional charge of  twenty dollars per glider, for each day that gliders remain in our care, or breeder may put back on listing for adoption.  I understand this is the date I am first called the gliders are ready for pickup Prior arrangements may be made but will not be longer that10 days under any circumstance.

[_X_]- A pet that is NOT to be bred from. I agree to abide by this private agreement with Glider Invasion, on the above-described animals. If breeding occurs or any violations and/or breach of this private agreement will constitute an agreed amount of set fines as follows:
·    I will pay to Glider Invasion the full asking “Breeding” price, of animal sold as a “Pet Only”.
·    $500.00 fine for each breeding breach
$250.00 fine for each offspring of the above described animal.
** The adopter is responsible for all legal expenses. If the above-described animal is bred while this private agreement is in effect, ownership and physical possession of the animal and all offspring, shall immediately revert to the current breeder listed above, with no compensation to the adopter.

[_X_]- The above described animal has a 72-hour health guarantee. (Equivalent of three days).   Above-described animals must be taken to the vet within 72 hours of arrival in home, for a health and fecal check. All fees, tests, and vet bills are responsibility of adopter. Failure to comply will void the health guarantee. Should the above-described animals become ill within 72 hours due to any condition proven to be directly related to the breeder or establishment, the breeder will pay vet bills directly related to the medical condition. The adopter, has right to receive a refund, or replacement of the animals, equal value of next available animals. A medical exam/necropsy will be needed by a qualified sugar glider knowledgeable vet, to prove a covered illness at the expense of the adopter.
* ‘Qualified’ vet = will be in compliance with both the breeders and adopters agreement.                                                

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[_X_]- NOT COVERED- Trauma, stress related illnesses, and bacterial infections are NOT covered. Adopter is responsible to for watch for stresses or stress symptoms. Should symptoms arise, adopter is responsible to get the animal to the vet immediately. All vet bills incurred for stress related illnesses will be the responsibility of the adopter. This guarantee does not cover accidents, neglect, inadequate diet, cage/s used that were NOT purchased at Glider Invasion or mistreatment of any kind.

[_X_]- VETERINARY CARE- I agree to have on hand and maintain at least two phone numbers of “Glider Knowledgeable Vets”, and to check offices, 2 times a year to be sure said vets are still practicing at said location. *With at least 1 number being a 24 hour vet/hospital who is on call - for sugar gliders!  *Failure to provide vet care is clear neglect of animal and clearly a breech of contract.

[_X_]- ADEQUATE CARE AND HOUSING. I hereby agree to care for the above-described pet in a humane and responsible manner. I agree to provide a diet and supplements, which has been previously proven to be adequate, safe and time-tested. Such as products supplied by Glider Invasion.. I agree to provide food, water, and veterinary care if the animal becomes ill or injured .
   If I believe there is a need to change gliders diet, I agree to thoroughly discuss this with either my “Glider Knowledgeable Vet” or Glider Invasion before doing so.
[_X_]- CONTACTING BREEDER. I agree to contact the above-described current owner/breeder if this pet/s becomes seriously ill or develops a condition that may be genetic, and when/if the animal/s dies. (This is for the purpose of the breeder being able to take into consideration all known aspects of the lines genetic health). Additional, I agree to meet all needs or special requirements of adopted pets.

[_X_] CONTACTED BUYER. Once contacted, gliders will not be held longer than 10 days for any reason. I understand and agree that the current breeder makes no representations or warranties, expressed or implied, about the animals temperament or future health beyond the 72 hour guarantee listed above and is hereby absolved from any liability or future damages or injuries caused by the said animal or veterinary bills not covered by the above mentioned health guarantee. I also understand and agree that the current breeder gives no guarantees, expressed or implied of suitability of the animal to the adopter and/or his/her family, or time or degree of bonding with new owner.

[_X_]- DISCLOSURE-To assure the best possible homes: I certify that all statements made by me during this adoption agreement are true and correct. I agree that the current owner has right to stop adoption process and/or, confiscate the above described animals in the event: ANY statements made by me are found false or misleading. I agree current owner has the right to confiscate the above described animal if at any time, breeder discovers the above described animal is not contained in adequate sized housing, is mistreated or abused or neglected, within compliance with USDA regulations and SPCA regulations, with NO compensations made.

[_X_]-SURRENDERING ANIMALS- If I am unable or unwilling to obtain or to keep these pets, I agree to first contact the above described current owner/breeder for the option to reclaim this pet with NO compensations made.
*NOTE: Out of consideration of the animal, we ask; if the need becomes apparent to surrender the animals, please do so before the glider reverts to wild again. Glider Invasion may be able to help with transportation, if needed.
Glider Invasion will accept responsibility for animal’s fecal and fees of the vet, if surrender is needed.

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 [_X_] First Rights – All gliders must be returned to Glider Invasion if the animals are not kept for any reason by the original owner.  We will not pass judgment or require answers on why you decided to you have the need to give up your pet. Although, any information you can supply us with may help in our procedures of: transitioning back into our facility, the required fecal check up with vet., as well any rehabilitation to tame back down, and possibly another unforeseen situations. These are standard processes taken at Glider Invasion to insure the very best possible care, for a healthy and happy glider, and to aid in keeping lineages on all animals current and clean. But mainly; to insure our gliders do not end up in bad breeding programs, used for inbreeding, placed in want ads, Craigslist, unwanted and short term homes or passed around from house to house, or worse. Surrender will take place with no compensations made, regardless of any excuse given.

 [_X_]-  Under this contract; I understand it is my responsibility to keep Glider Invasion informed of: loss of Glider, (in any form), or any other major changes that affect the assurance Glider Invasions, perfect pet records.

[_X_] – By acquiring gliders from said breeder I agree to all these terms.
 I have read policies and procedure along with agreement contract and fully understand agreement contract. All statements made by me throughout adoption procedure, are true to best of my knowledge and I understand I am in jeopardy of losing any and all rights to any payments/fees/deposit and/or gliders if any untruths are told during adoption process.I understand this is first for protection and care of gliders as well as necessary for aid from breeder in any after sale concerns. To do this will result in breech of agreement contract. A breech of contract will result in attorney and all court fees and fines to be paid buy buyer. Any and all deposits are non refundable regardless of excuses given.

Adopters Signature:                                   Date:                
            (Person paying for purchase)

If out of state:  Drivers license Number & State (adopter)                             

Co-owners Signature:            _______        _ Date:             
                (2nd person involved in purchase)
If out of state:  Drivers license Number & State (co-owner)                 ___
Breeders/Owners Signature:                        Date:                  


Please fill out agreement and have notarized, and bring to breeder when picking up you gliders.
This will be signed by all persons involved in sale of above described animal, even if unrelated or unmarried, before the animals leave our facility. I understand these provisions are not directed personally; instead they are used to acquire the best possible care of all gliders involved. Glider/s must be paid in full before leaving our facility.

Adoption is not considered final without this completed form.  Copy of signed contract available upon request

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